How to get Cheap and Free Books

how to get cheap and free books

Reading can become a thanklessly expensive hobby. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to get your hands on cheap and free books which still support the authors who work tirelessly to satisfy our bottomless appetites.

5 Tips for being a Healthy Reader

5 tips for being a healthy reader

Healthy reading habits are especially important for readers who spend their days sitting down a lot. Here are 5 suggestions which I’ve found work for me.

Why You Should (Almost) Never Read Bad Reviews

Choosing a new read is an art form, especially online. We’ve all been there, teetering on the edge of buying a book, mouse hovering over the buy it now button when suddenly you think – oo, I should check the reviews. Ten minutes later you’ve resigned yourself for looking for another book.

3 Steps to Finding Your New Genre

3 steps to finding your new genre

You feel the urge for something new. The winds are changing and the scent of a different adventure calls. Well, that’s where I’m here to help you! Use this three-step guide to take a running jump into a whole new genre.

5 Ways to Beat Reader’s Block

Don’t you just hate it when you just can’t choose what to read next? We’ve all been there, but its frustrating, so here’s 5 ways to get out the reading slump.