Green Rider

Author: Kristen Britain
Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy
Quote: “Never forget you are a creature of free will. Free will is everything,”
Setting: Fantasy World – Medieval
Premise: Karrigan Galladion should be at college. Instead, she is on the road, determined to get home to her Father to explain exactly what happened before the Dean’s letter reaches him. But after she meets a dying king’s messenger, a Green Rider, her quest takes on an entirely new path.

This is an epic series set in a vibrant and colourful world. True to the form of high fantasy there’re mysteries, secrets, moral quandaries, dark powers, fascinating characters, and danger on every page, keeping the reader engaged not just through this book but through the entire series.

The female protagonist battles through the plot with bull headedness and admirable determination. Whilst it’s obviously she still has a lot to learn as she matures, you can’t help but find her instantly likable as she ploughs headfirst into each obstacle, determined to complete her mission and get the letter to the king. The world building in this book is immense, providing some outstanding escapism and characters bursting with life.

Like many quest style books, this series follows a theme of self-discovery. Each book shows Karrigan growing a little older and wiser, and learning hard lessons about adulting along the way. There is also a lot of fun packed into this series, Karrigan’s friends and family are an eclectic bunch, spreading some much needed hilarity amongst the battles.

I first found this book as a teenager in Waterstones, and frequent visits to ‘B’ for Britain soon became part of my established book buying routine as I longed for each new instalment. Now we live in the social media age I follow the very active author, snapping up every golden nugget of information she gives about her well developed world and love hearing pictures of her adorable cat. This book provides awesome escapism directly into a fantasy world where anything could happen next.

You’ve heard enough about how much I like this book, but is this book you’re hunting for?
1. Do you love diving into a fascinating fantasy world?
2. Are you in the mood for an epic tale?

3. Do you love kings, magic, dastardly plots, and strong characters?

If you answered yes, yES, YES! Then this might well be your next favourite read!


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