Author: Kelly Armstrong
Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Quote: “Here I had a wonderful man who cared for me and I was screwing around with a self-absorbed, conniving monster who’d betrayed me in the worst possible way.”
Setting: Canada/ America – Present
Premise: Eleanor is engaged to a gorgeous, successful, and normal man who is everything she could have ever wanted and has a lovely family to boot. She is set up for life with her own photography career on the verge of taking off. Everything is fine, everything will be fine. So long as no one ever finds out that she is a werewolf with a psycho ex-boyfriend to match.

Kelly Armstrong has to be one of my favourite paranormal romance authors. Her characters are so dynamic, each one multifaceted even when at first glance they look cliché. Bitten kicks off the Women of the Other World urban fantasy universe, a multi-viewpoint series that can be read chronologically, in isolation, or following a particular character set.

Bitten is a great mix of thriller and mystery plotlines with a steamy romance intertwined into a gripping story that is hard to put down. Eleanor, our main character, is the perfect narrator to introduce us to this secretive world. Having been unwittingly dropped into werewolf life after being bitten and initiated into the North America Pack. The story starts after her initial break with the pack in the pursuit of a normal life, but her past still has its claws in her.

In terms of themes, Eleanor is on a journey of self-acceptance. Her revulsion of the wolf inside her, and the darkness of her past have driven her to run away from her problems instead of facing them. Therefore the theme revolves around the idea of her learning to not hate herself and what she is. There is also a forgiveness theme that stems from understanding what really happened instead of jumping to conclusions.

I was drawn to Bitten by its stunning cover and the promise of werewolves, a weakness of mine! Kelly Armstrong has a huge backlist spanning across this universe which stands out on any bookshop shelf. There is a series on Netflix based on this world, but short of the characters having the same name it barely resembles these books – especially Jeremy who is an entirely different and better Alpha in the books. Happy book hunting!

You’ve heard enough about how much I like this book, but is this book you’re hunting for?
1. Do you love a good steamy paranormal romance?
2. Are you in the mood for a whole universe of urban fantasy to explore?
3. Do you want a werewolf book with thriller and mystery plotlines?

If you answered yes, yES, YES! Then this might well be your next favourite read!

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Bitten by Kelly Armstrong
Bitten by Kelly Armstrong Urban Fantasy


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