Baking Bad

Author: Kim M Watt
Genre: Paranormal Cosy Mystery, Mystery, Urban Fantasy
Quote: “Then she said, very cautiously, ‘Would you like some cream with that?’ Which was how she had come to be the first human in a very long time indeed to have a Dragon over for tea”
Setting: England – Present
Premise: The Women’s Institute of Toot Hansell, under the Iron rule of the formidable Alice, keeps themselves busy. With village fetes, fundraisers, and societies to organise, there’s a lot to be getting on with. Then there are the murders to solve… and dragons.

I loved this series so much that I immediately ordered the complete set for my Nan’s birthday. Set in the quintessentially English village of Toot Hansell this story is a great take on the paranormal cosy mystery genre. At the centre of the amateur investigations, police evasion, and dragon management, the unshakable Alice shows us what a strong female lead really looks like.

This book is a treat for the cosy mystery connoisseur. With a murder investigation to get stuck into, and a tangle of sub-plots from multiple perspectives, there’ are a lot of clues to find, and red herrings to discard, for both the characters and the readers.

The story centres on Alice, and as such the deepest running theme throughout the entire series comes from her. Whilst on the surface this book is light-hearted tomfoolery served with Tupperware’s full of cakes, there is a powerful theme of coming to terms with the past and learning to let go. Alice thought that she had found peace in Toot Hansell, but the events of this story force her to face the fact that she has simply willed herself to suppress her past instead.

I found this book through an eclectic mix of keywords whilst trying to force the kindle store to read my mind and was saved from a severe bout of reading limbo by the author’s SEO enhancing logline that was grabbed by my search terms. As I’m a sucker for dragons, minimalistic cover design, and a pop culture pun, I jumped straight to the buy now button and have never regretted it. Baking Bad is now one of my go-to comfort books for when I need cheering up. It also has recipes in the back for some of the featured cakes!

You’ve heard enough about how much I like this book, but is this book you’re hunting for?
1. Do you love the idea of a friendly, if over-enthusiastic, set of dragons getting in the way of a police murder investigation?
2. Are you in the mood to have tea and cakes with an eclectic bunch of characters?
3. Would you like to solve a murder? (and then make cake?)

If you answered yes, yES, YES! Then this might well be your next favourite read!


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