“It doesn’t stop being magic just because you know how it works”

– Terry Pratchett

Twenty Six letters obsessively rearranged until they spontaneously make a portal into another universe. We all know how letters work, and how writing words work. If pushed we could probably even talk about the difference between a verb and a noun, but put enough words in a decent enough order and something magical happens, a spark in the void. A story is born.

This project is a dedication to the books and stories which have guided me of my journey through life. They’ve shaped my beliefs, encouraged my ambitions, inspired me in the light, and comforted me in the dark. With a good selection of books, we can live a thousand lives. 

Proper magic!

I’m Sarah, and I’m so happy that you’re here! I hope that I can help you hunt down your next book. 

The Blog

The bloggy side of this website is my personal narrative and commentary on all things bookish. I will back up facts with sources where it fits, but all opinions expressed are my own for your entertainment. Within this section I explore topics ranging from ‘exploring new genres’ to ‘being a healthy reader’, anything that I think my fellow book nerds will find useful.

The Reviews

The core of this website is my book reviews. I will only ever publish reviews of books that I believe deserve a place on your shelves, and as such I do not have a rating system. If I’ve loved them enough to write about them then they are automatically five stars! All reviews are my own opinions and my recommendations are simply for your consideration, it is ultimately your choice whether you purchase a book or not.

I do accept reviews directly from publisher and authors, but I with hold the right not to publish a review on this blog unless I believe it deserves a place on the shelves. 

The Shelves

The shelves is the archive area of this website, with everything ordered by genre and tagged by subgenre to allow you to peruse recommendations in the hunt for your next book.

Lets talk about Money

I will earn money on this blog primarily through affiliate links and by allowing adverts. I may also get paid or get freebies for book reviews, but I will only publish reviews of books on this blog which deserve to be on these shelves. 

But why do I even need money? Starting a blog sounds so easy right? And like it should be free! Its a hobby isn’t it? Well yes and no to all of it. Sure I could have used a site like Wix, booted up a free blog, started creating content, and got on line within half an hour but there are so many draw backs to that plan. Not least the ‘free’ service will use your blog as their own advertising platform, and they’ll still own your website so if one day they decide they’ve had enough of you? Gone!

This on the other hand, is a self hosted blog. I have brought the domain name ‘bookhunters.co.uk’ which means that its entirely my own platform. But it doesn’t come free, and neither does the website development software, mailing list tools, or the books which I will generally buy and review. Not to mention the training I will need to do as this blog grows and develops over time.

My financial ambitions are for this blog at the very least to be physically self sustaining, and to provide me with some creative financial independence as both a book hunter and every other creative project I have! (Yes I am yet another voracious book reader who would love to write their own book one day). 

So please, if you do find my content useful, use the affiliate links. It won’t cost you anything and will keep this blog going!

Some top level legal stuff

For more information on my privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimers, and disclosures, go to the link in the footer on every page of this site, but the top headlines for you are:

 – Disclosures: I will use affiliate links on the blog and reviews which will take you to providers who I trust to deliver a good product, but the final decision is always yours. If you choose to use these links then I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. I will also inform you if a received money or freebies in exchange for a book review.

 – Privacy: I respect your privacy, and all information held about you will be held in compliance with GDPR law. I will never sell your contact details with any third party, and you may unsubscribe at any point. 

 – Disclaimer: All blog articles and book reviews are written from my own experience and opinions and I am not liable for the decisions you make that may have been influenced by my blog. i.e. the decision to purchase a book which I have reviewed. 

 – Terms and Conditions: Comments may be filtered for anti-spam purposes and The Book Hunters retain the right to remove comments which violate our terms and conditions.

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